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Complaint Procedure

The receiving of goods and agreement with the guarantee of the same goods are confirmed by the customer’s signature on the purchase agreement and delivery note. If any goods are not personally collected it is understood that the goods have been received when accepted from the transport company or collected from the post office.

If a customer finds any discretions between the goods listed on the invoice, delivery note or guarantee and the actual content of the supplied order they are obliged without delay to inform us through our web site 

If these points are not followed the customer may not be recompensed..

All returned goods must be supplied with the delivery note and a copy of the receipt from the delivery company.

All goods are supplied by have 24 months warranty commencing upon the receipt of the goods or in the case that the customer is unable to supply a delivery receipt the date when the items were invoiced.

In the case that returned items are no longer offered by alternative products may be offered or money returned to the value of the goods shown on the invoice. Only new goods or payment to the value of the goods will be repaid excluding any delivery and handling charges.

Receiving Consignments:

  1. Upon receipt of your order please check all items are correct before the carrier.
  2. If any items appear damaged immediately make a written record about the damage to the goods (the carrier is obliged fill out the record with the customer) alternatively do not accept the order and immediately contact us at

In the Case of a Claim:

  1. In the case of a claim the item is to be returned with the original invoice and a copy of the delivery receipt to the address below:
  2. Goods send to:
    STRATUS spol.s r.o.
    Masná 34
    602 00 Brno

    Tel.: 548 211 900, 548 215 146
    Fax.:548 210 638

  3. The package maybe posted (and may be insured). Packages sent via cash-on-delivery will not be accepted.
  4. Please remember to supply a return address

Not Covered by Warranty:

  1. Goods damaged by water, fire, lightening, other electrical discharge and similar damage. 
  2. Goods out of warranty period. Goods that have been mechanically damaged (ripped, scratched etc.). 
  3. Goods, which have been damaged in transport (these claims must be addressed with the transport company before acceptance).
  4. Goods damaged by incorrect use as shown by the instruction leaflets or normal wear and tear. Goods, which have been damaged through incorrect handling.
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